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NEWCOM is a European-wide project developing on the one hand training schemes to enable construction workers and building professionals to build the nearly zero-energy building standard and on the other hand creating a basis for the mutual recognition of the developed training schemes.

By NEWCOM trainings construction workers will be skilled to construct the nearly zero-energy building and to renovate the existing building stock up to a very high energy standard. Furthermore building professionals will be qualified to ensure the energy standard qualities of renovated and new buildings.

According to the actual needs of the partner countries NEWCOM focuses on the development of training schemes for the correct execution of flat roofs and ventilation installations. Moreover training schemes for the quality control accompanying the planning and construction process to construct or renovate buildings according to the nearly zero energy building (nZEB) standard are developed.

NEWCOM serves building owners, construction workers, building professionals as well as national and international authorities. The building industry will profit from the up-skilled construction workers and building professionals by the European wide visualisation of their skills. Building owners will benefit from low energy costs and high indoor comfort. National and international authorities will profit in reaching the ambitions national and international climate protection targets.

The project started in September 2017 and will run till August 2020.

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